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1- "Charlie is an excellent teacher – patient and thorough. I learned a great deal from his courses and he gave me confidence to expand my efforts." - John P. Edmonton

2- "The job you did on my Hoosier cabinet is spectacular. I would have never dreamed that the old pile of damaged and loose material could be made to look like this. I am just thrilled." - Claire L. Beaumont

3- "I entrusted my family heirloom rosewood chairs to you for restoration. My uncle had tried several times to repair them over the years, and never well. I am completely satisfied with the work and the attention to detail you exhibited during the restoration. On my next trip to England, I am going to select, personally, the material for the covers, and have you place it, Charlie." - Chris H. St. Albert

4- "You restored the case on my old console radio. It looks just as I remember it when I was a boy at home. A friend did the electrical work, and it plays like it hasn't in years. This radio is a real trip down memory lane for me. Thank you for all your efforts." - Anon

5- "When I brought you my Regency dining chair, for a repair of the leg which had been badly broken during a household move, you suggested making a whole new one and coloring it to match the others. You know from our discussions that I was skeptical that this would work. After seeing the results, I have to admit that I can’t tell which of the chairs in the set of eight was the one repaired. You did an excellent job." - Owen R. Blue River, BC

6- "As you know, my old (1780) "grandfather" clock had not worked since I inherited it from my late father, nor for many years before that. The list of needed work that you suggested, both to the case and to the movement, was daunting, especially the parts you said would have to be hand-made. I considered not having the work done at all, and probably would have delayed it were it not that the clock was the only really special item left in the family. After all your work was completed, I must tell you that the clock is a showpiece, greatly admired by all who come to my home. I also note that you succeeded in adjusting the old works to the point that they keep excellent time." - Alf G. Edmonton